A Historical Monument called:

"Casa Cartagena y Santa
Cruz de Cusco".


This amazing house was accquired by an Italian Society in July 2006. The restoration Project was studied by Italian Architect Roberto Bertetti (www.robertobertetti.it), who was designated this arduous but important task  by the Society in order to bring back the house’s former splendor without altering its historical value.

Work in the house began in September 2007, under the close supervision of the National Institute of Culture (INC), with a slow and meticulous restoration labor, keeping the original walls intact and using the same materials with which it was once built. Mudbricks and stones are some of the key ingredients of the house’s construction as of most in the Andean area.

This wonderful work of architecture still keeps original Inca walls and Colonial frescoes which, through a delicate restoration labor in charge of the Cusco Fine Arts School, have been recovered and exhibited thus granting Casa Cartagena the title of “Monument of Peruvian Cultural Heritage”.

With the idea of giving it a different approach, Architect Roberto Bertetti, in colaboration with interior design studio Il Cubo Design & Furniture (www.ilcubo.it), made it posible to include in the project pieces of art by acknowledged designers which make Casa Cartagena a magical place where the modern coexists with the ancient.

Some of the main brands of the  decoration pieces are Slide, Kundalini, Desiree, Ciacci, Trend, Frezza, Frauflex, Lemani, Flaminia, Pozzi, Viabizzuno y Kartell.  Also, the house features some exquisite pieces from the vast Peruvian arts & crafts Culture which combine to perfection with the architecture and give true value to local tradition and culture.

The restoration work was finished in December 2008 and the result was undoubtedly a unique contemporary masterpiece, intelligently integrated within a historical context such as the City of Cusco and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. For all this and more, we can say that Cartagena Boutique Hotel & Spa Cusco is a marvelous example of a Luxury Boutique Hotel with an irrefutably unique style.

Pumacurco #336, Centro Histórico, Cusco, Perú. Phone: +51 84 224356    Email: info@casacartagena.com